martedì 21 luglio 2015

West Coast 2/2 and District Conference

DAY 13

We had to get up really early because we went to Alcatraz! When we were in line to get into the boat we met another rotary exchange students group, which was awesome. Being in the boat was really cool because of the view we had. Reached the island we received headphones, we didn't have a guide so we had to listen. It was really intresting and kind of weird to see all the cells and room there. At the end of the tour there was also a prisoner who was signing books. We took the boat back at 11:25 AM. Then we had free time for most of the afternoon at Pier 39. We had bread bowls for lunch and then we bought some souvenirs. To conclude our staying in San Francisco we crossed the Golden Gate, it was fantastic! We went back to the hotel early so we could have last times together, exchange pins and stuff like that. We had dinner and then afterwords we had the "Belo USA Oscar Awards". Then we had time for partying, dancing and signing flags until midnight.

DAY 14:

The worst day of the trip, obviously. The boys arrived at the airport around 8:30 AM and the girls were already there. We went thru security and then we waited at the gate a couple of hours before departure. We flew with Southwest and we were group C for boarding so we didn't get very good seats. A lot of us had to sit alone in the middle seat, but I got to seat in the very last spots with Giulia and Enzo. By the time we landed we expected to leave right away with the bus but it wasn't here. It arrived at 3:30ish and eventually it also broke down. We arrived in Fort Collins just at 7 PM, I didn't even eat dinner 'cause I wasn't hungry. We had to leave the dorms for joining an ice cream social thing at the Marriott full of Rotarians. We practised the flag cerimony until 10 PM and then we finally got back to the dorms, with assigned rooms.. obviously.


Friday we had to be that the Marriott at 8 AM for the flag ceremony, that was over just about 8.20. We had to be there until lunch for listening to some rotarians talking. Then they brought us to the gardens to help with pots until 4 PM. Saturday, after attending other meetings we went bowling and that's the last fun thing we had the chance to do together. We had to be back at the Marriott by 5 PM and at 9ish after dinner we sang Love In Any Language. Pointless to say that almost everyone cried once we left the room.. It has been hard but it was even harder in the morning when I had to say goodbye and walk away from the group. I wish I could hug them again just right now because everything felt so right when I was with them. I got really close also with Luci, my table mate for lunch and dinner!

- Cris

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